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Pet Safe Plants

“HELP! My cat eats my plants! Are they toxic?!”

Many pet owners have had or still have this fear, and its one of the most common questions asked here at the Hollow - Which plants are pet safe?

Well we will start with the bad news -

Those lush instagramable Monsteras - NOPE

The ever hardy peace lily?? - Also no.

Okay, but my fiddle leaf fig is all good right? - Aaaaaaaand no.

Sorry guys, but all members of the Aroid family (Monstera, philodendron, alocasia/colocasia, anthurium, dieffenbachia, etc) and the Ficus family (FLF, Elastica/rubber) are toxic to you fur babies. Some more than others of course but to be on the side of caution its best to avoid them.

“Well what can I have then? Theres nothing left!”

Good News! There is plenty of other plants that are perfectly safe. While the Aroid family is large, there are a couple of other large groups that your pets can chow down on (but hopefully not) without ruining the GOOD RUG (don’t ask).

Enter, the Marantaceae family! You might know this more commonly as the ‘prayer plant’ family. With their fascinating leaf movements you can happily enjoy any plant from the;





& Many more families.

But that isn’t your only option, there are also hundreds of varieties of peperomias, ferns, palms, African violets, as well as other species such as fittonias, aspidistra, spider plants, certain succulents and even Cacti!

Yes the spines on cacti can cause harm to your pets, but the plants themselves aren’t toxic. And pets are usually smart enough to leave them alone after a close sniff.

Don’t forget, if you’re after pet safe plants you can always come in store and we can show you through the full range of what is possible.

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