Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Please note these are SEEDS ONLY

We’ve sourced some of the highest quality specialty sunflower seeds you can find! 
Each pack contains 25 seeds

Select from 3 unique varieties:

Royal Velvet
A deep red coloured sunflower growing up to 150cm. This variety starts with a primary flower head followed by smaller branching flowers down the stem. Approx 66 days to flower

Solar Flare
A strong growing sunflower up to 170cm sporting a single flower head with rich yellow petals, a deep red central ring around a black center. These are a great cut-flower variety. Approx 60 days to flower

Lemon Rush
A shorter variety, Lemon Rush reaches up to 120cm and has unique light yellow petals. These are another perfect sunflower to cut and keep in a vase. Approx 60 days to flower.

Sow spring to summer in a bright, wind free area. Water moderately, seedling will emerge in 10-14 days. Allow plenty of space between planting (30cm is best) and be sure to sow 2 seeds per spot, thinning out as seedlings emerge.
If growing in pots pick a larger size as sunflowers can develop deep roots.
Stake as needed